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I draw since always.

My life lingers around reality, my dreams and the drawings that I will crystallize.

Drawing is a necessity in my life, sometimes I feel like I'm out of breath if I have no time to draw.

In other occasions I do have the time but my ideas have gotten too tired waiting for me.

There are happy days when my time meets these impatient ideas and then it comes out a drawing that makes my heart beat stronger.

Everything I see, hear or smell generates feelings in me, awakes my memories and my need to draw .

I'm passionate about drawing people and remain longer in their faces because I want to express feelings. I draw happy people and sad people, angry and also in love, thoughtful and nostalgic people. I don't enjoy much paintig landscapes. I do like drawing flowers but not trees. I love to draw animals but not insects.

The absurd and ironic amuses me.

Sometimes I feel like drawing in monochrome or grayscale with color accents, and other times I feel a need of saturated colors. At times I work with plain colors and other times I experience a baroque desire to apply textures throughout the drawing.

At home I have three little elves who are my inspiration, they let me into their world where everything is permitted and nothing needs explanation, they allow me to paint my character's hair in whatever color, as well as the cat's fur in polka dots, or that the favorite food of a tiger might be Easter Eggs.

My one wish is that people would smile when seeing my work.

Welcome to my world of colors and strokes.

Natalia Nogueira



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Natalia was born in the city of La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1974.

In 1992 she graduates from the School of Fine Arts, "Bachillerato de Bellas Artes (U.N.L.P.)" - La Plata - Argentina.

In 1996 she graduates in Interior Design, "ABM Institute" - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

She worked in the areas of engraving, painting, drawing, graphic design and packaging design.

Since 1996 she works in the field of digital art.

In 2011 she starts creating fabrics design.

In 2012 starts on creating children's books.

Her works are found in catalogues of artists and private collections from different nationalities.